Jonas Rådahl – Certifierad Yoga Teacher Training – July 2019

Whether you aspire to teach yoga or to deepen your own practice, this unique 200-hour teacher training is an opportunity to explore the many layers of yoga, build your confidence and find your voice. In a small-group setting, one of Sweden’s most experienced yoga teachers will teach a comprehensive and carefully designed curriculum. Selected guest teachers will join for parts of the course to share their experience and expertise. 

Jonas Rådahl
is a senior teacher at Sweden’s leading yoga center. He teaches regular hatha, vinyasa and yin classes, in addition to a weekly technical lab and periodic themed workshops. Jonas began studying yoga in India in 1999, and later trained with Canadian yoga pioneers Ron Reid and Marla Meenakshi Joy in Toronto. Since 2006, he has devoted himself to teaching yoga full-time in a variety of settings and countries, ranging from five-star resorts in Hong Kong to rustic retreats in Bali. In recent years he has designed and led several teacher trainings, both in Asia and in Sweden. 

Jonas’s approach to teaching yoga is creative, light-hearted, and grounded in a sense of calm and stability. His classes combine an authentic and challenging physical practice with pranayama exercises and applied yoga philosophy. He strives to create a space where students from different walks of life, and with varied backgrounds and needs, can reap the benefits of yoga practice. With a background as a health food chef, Jonas lives a healthy and vibrant lifestyle, and aims to inspire his students to do the same.

Curriculum overview

  • Asana: alignment, hands-on adjustments, modification and use of props; benefits and contraindications of basic yoga postures; how to sequence classes.
  • Anatomy: Overview of the musculoskeletal system; foundations of yoga anatomy and physiology; the mechanics of breathing.
  • Yoga philosophy: selected verses and sutras from the Yogasutra, Kathopanishad and Bhagavadgita; integrating yoga philosophy into our everyday lives.
  • Voice: cultivating an authentic voice; using voice and clear language as a tool.
  • Sanskrit: introduction to phonetics; correct pronunciation and meaning of asanas and chants.
  • Yoga “business”: practical tools for understanding the business aspect of yoga; marketing your teaching.

 Mentorship and support

The path of yoga is best explored through guided study and mentorship. Therefore, the class is limited to a maximum of 15 students. This allows each student to engage actively with the teachers and encourages open and honest discussion in the group.

As much as you will learn during the training, the true insights of this path may begin to manifest after the course ends. The teachers will therefore be available for questions and discussion for several months after the end of the program.

Guest teachers

Kripa Patra – Yoga Philosophy
For Kripa, the most important aspect of yoga is bhakti – a loving devotion to give yourself to others. As an “old-school” yogi, she travels to her guru in India for each year to study philosophy and devotion in his presence. With a background in dance, Kripa began her professional yoga career in the United States where she remained for ten years. Now in Sweden, she teaches vinyasa, hatha and pregnancy yoga—always integrating meditation, philosophy and inspirational texts into her classes.

Chris Boyer - Yoga anatomy
Chris has a love of both yoga and anatomy. His yoga background has been studying with a variety of teachers from all over the world with a special interest in yoga anatomy and therapeutic techniques. He is currently in his final year of the physiotherapy program at Uppsala university where he has been furthering his knowledge of anatomy in the area of physical therapy. Originally from Brighton, England, Chris has been teaching yoga for 10 years with a strong sense of passion and enthusiam for the subject. 

Preliminary dates

1 month intensive: 3-28 July 2019
Examination: July 26-27, 2019

To maximize the benefit of the course, students will be encouraged to deepen their own practice, observe classes, and participate in informal discussions and exercises with the other students.


This training will be rigorous and detailed, and is not appropriate for newer practitioners. A minimum of 2 years of consistent yoga practice is recommended.


  • 30 000 SEK excl. VAT (37 500 SEK incl. VAT)
  • If paid in full by April 30 2019: 28 000 SEK excl. VAT (35 000 SEK incl. VAT)
  • The training is limited to 15 students. Reserve your space with a 3000 SEK non-refundable deposit.
  • Lunch is included in the price
  • Ask about payment options.
  • This training is conducted in English


WinWin Yoga Studio, Uppsala


To apply or to find out more, contact